Ian Boswell 

Hailing from the birthplace of Thump – Bend, Oregon – Ian Boswell is one of our many hometown heroes. We’ve watched Ian grow up from a promising young athlete to a world-class cyclist in what seems like the blink of an eye. Always active as a child, Ian filled his days with any sport he could to burn off his endless energy. At the age of twelve Ian found cycling and discovered the freedom of a bicycle as a way to get out and see the world. Now 24 years old and residing in Nice, France, Ian is living his dream, racing for TeamSky alongside top competitors like 2013 Tour de France winner Chris Froome and showing some solid results in his own burgeoning career. But Ian’s biggest  biggest accomplishment is following his dream and continuing to work hard in pursuit of his passion for cycling.

During the off-season, Ian loves to fish and hunt in the wilds of Oregon with his brother and dad. He is also passionate about cooking so we’re eagerly looking forward to our invite to Nice for dinner (wink, wink).

What gets you excited about embarking on an adventure?
The thrill of seeing and experiencing the world as it is. I am fortunate to see much of the world with my travels. The continued feeling of embracing new places, faces and sights is enchanting.

What does “Genuine” mean to you?
Genuine, is something or someone with true meaning and value. In the world today, so much is concealed behind a facade. When you feel something genuine you know its real.

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