Our Ambassadors


Josh Amberger

At 26 years old, professional triathlete and coffee connoisseur, Josh Amberger, spends his days putting everything he has into getting faster and closer to that World #1 rank.
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Ashleigh Gentle

Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, Ashleigh Gentle is quickly making a name for herself in the triathlon world. At 27 years old, Ashleigh has a strong passion for…
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Ian Boswell

Hailing from the birthplace of Thump – Bend, Oregon – Ian Boswell is one of our many hometown heroes. We've watched Ian grow up from a promising young…
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April Vokey

Before most kids were able to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels, April Vokey was exploring British Columbia's wildest rivers. When most kids were…
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Ryan Trebon

If you're out on a ride with Ryan Trebon, it's probably safe to assume he won't talk your ear off. Maybe it's the military brat upbringing or maybe it's the plain fact…
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Isaac Van Essen

If you ask people what Isaac Van Essen does, you may get a couple different answers. That's because Isaac does a lot. But whether he's offroading his 4Runner…
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Eric Jackson

Multi-sport pro, Eric Jackson, grew up in the small mountain town of Crowley Lake, CA, where he learned how to snowboard and fly fish. Finding peace in nature…
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Matt Leito

Bend is home to Matt. Matt is currently recovering from professional triathlon with gravel cycling and general shenanagism.
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Monica Renee Watson

Bend, Oregon hometown girl, Monica Watson, brings a different brand of Ambassador to the Thump team and we are honored to have her. Monica has had the…
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Frank Moore

“Out of the most tragic events in our life, have come some of the finest things in our life.” At 92 years old, Frank Moore has more perspective on life than most.
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Michael Hughes Watson

31-year old Christian rocker, Michael Hughes Watson grew up in Medford, OR but was lucky enough to have parents who were musicians and traveled…
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