Isaan Van Essen 


If you ask people what Isaac Van Essen does, you may get a couple different answers. That’s because Isaac does a lot. But whether he’s offroading his 4Runner, golfing, drawing, hiking, or taking photos, he puts his all into everything he does; and that’s exactly why we like him. Originally from Minnesota, 22 year-old Isaac owns his own marketing company based in Denver, Colorado, and manages a growing social media platform dedicated to all things Toyota. And somehow, he still finds time to hang out with his girlfriend, drink a craft beer, and talk about the places he’s seen and the places he has yet to explore.

What gets you excited about embarking on an adventure?
Doing something and going somewhere I haven’t been to. Searching for that one place no has yet explored.

What does “Genuine” mean to you?
To me, it’s being authentic; true to yourself, humbled before God, full of joy, respect, emotion, sincerity, truthfulness, honesty, and amp. And having good values–that’s a tough one.

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