Michael Hughes Watson 

31-year old Christian rocker, Michael Hughes Watson grew up in Medford, OR but was lucky enough to have parents who were musicians and traveled extensively throughout Europe. Michael fell in love with trying new things and going to new places. After high school he embarked on some traveling of his own and helped start a number of churches.

He fell in love with his future wife, Monica, and met Thump founder, Bobby Grover, in her hometown of Bend, OR. Wherever his adventures took him, Michael always played music. And in 2007 he signed to EMI Sparrow Records under the band name Above The Golden State. The band toured the country for about 3 years. Michael and Monica now make their home in Portland where they surf, play soccer, run, bike, hunt and make drinks.

What gets you excited about embarking on an adventure?
The sights, the smells, the taste, the challenge… and the story to tell afterwards.

What does “Genuine” mean to you?
To me, it means allowing oneself to be influenced in the right ways for the right reasons with the least amount of time spent thinking about it.

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